About the Friends

Our Mission

The Friends of the Ridgecrest Branch Library (FRBL) is a support group for the Ridgecrest branch of the Kern County Library system. We raise funds and awareness of and for the library. We host an on-going used book sale in the library and two or more larger book sales each year. We are a 501 non-profit group which can accept donations. Most donations are in the form of books from individuals, but we also receive donations and grants from individuals and charitable groups.

In the library book sale room we also sell t-shirts, book bags, and other items to benefit the library. The funds we receive are used solely to benefit the library. The FRBL funds provide many of the materials (books, CDs, magazines, etc.) and programs, such as the children's summer reading program.

We are also forward thinking in looking at ways to benefit the library for the long term. We are exploring expansion of the library, and possible ways to obtain dedicated long-term funding for the library.


Supporting Our Local Library

Activities of the Friends may include, but are not limited to:

Maintaining an association of persons and organizations interested in libraries, and everything associated with them.

Encouraging donations to assist the Friends in achieving its purposes. This shall consist of cash donations as well as books, magazines, and other such materials.

Engaging in such fund-raising activities as the Board of Directors, and the membership agree are worthwhile.

Stimulating community interest and support for the Friends, and its activities through media releases and other public relations functions.

Maintaining and operating the ongoing book sale by receiving, and organizing, donations, and stocking the sales shelves located in the library with used paperback, hardbacks, special sets, collections, and magazines.

Assisting in presenting children's reading programs, preparing, and arranging, materials and/or reading out loud to young patrons, work in the book mending program, and volunteer at fund raising activities throughout the year.