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Giving Locally, Helping Locally

Join the Friends!

Volunteer with the Friends

How Friends Like You Can Help

  1. Help with a book sale

    • Distributing publicity

    • Transporting tables

    • Setting up tables

    • Taking down tables

    • Transporting books

    • Arranging books on the tables

    • Receiving money at checkout table

  2.  Sort and price donations

    • Go through donations, put prices on the books and media then putting them in appropriate boxes for storage. This work is done Wednesdays, 1 pm to 3pm at the annex. Feel free to drop in sometime!

  3. Pick up donations

    • We need people to pick up donations from book donors who cannot deliver the donations themselves. This sometimes requires some heavy lifting. (Requires coordinating with someone at the annex who has a key.)

    • There are two types of pickups: a) 'from the library' - preferably on Wednesday afternoon between 1 pm and 3 pm, checking the break room and our bin out front for donations that need to be moved to the annex. b) 'take culls to DART' is a Monday activity. Pick up culls from the library community room and transport them to DART thrift store.

  4. Stock shelves for ongoing sale
    • The Monday crew works in the community room when the library is closed. We remove (cull) books which have been on the shelves for five weeks and restock with new inventory. Sometimes we simply restock. The Thursday group restocks in the community room and on the shelves out front. Since this work is done when the library is open, we could use restockers on other days when the library is open to help keep the shelves full.
  5. Make phone calls

  6. Help with the Community Dinner

  7. Help with media publicity

  8. Staff the sales room

    • These volunteers have specific 2 hour shifts in the ongoing sale in the community room. They answer questions and man the cash box. They also keep a tally of how many people come into the sales room during their shift. We always need substitutes to fill in!

  9. Sell collectibles
    • These volunteers learn how to sell our older books on Amazon. Training is provided.
  10. Give us new ideas!

Interested in volunteering? Email us!

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